The evolving role of data & safety monitoring boards for real-world clinical trials

Bryan J. Bunning, Haley Hedlin, Jonathan H. Chen, Jody D. Ciolino, Johannes Opsahl Ferstad, Emily Fox, Ariadna Garcia, Alan Go, Ramesh Johari, Justin Lee, David M. Maahs, Kenneth W. Mahaffey, Krista Opsahl-Ong, Marco Perez, Kaylin Rochford, David Scheinker, Heidi Spratt, Mintu P. Turakhia, Manisha Desai

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Introduction: Clinical trials provide the gold standard evidence for advancing the practice of medicine, even as they evolve to integrate real-world data sources. Modern clinical trials are increasingly incorporating real-world data sources - data not intended for research and often collected in free-living contexts. We refer to trials that incorporate real-world data sources as real-world trials. Such trials may have the potential to enhance the generalizability of findings, facilitate pragmatic study designs, and evaluate real-world effectiveness. However, key differences in the design, conduct, and implementation of real-world vs traditional trials have ramifications in data management that can threaten their desired rigor. Methods: Three examples of real-world trials that leverage different types of data sources - wearables, medical devices, and electronic health records are described. Key insights applicable to all three trials in their relationship to Data and Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMBs) are derived. Results: Insight and recommendations are given on four topic areas: A. Charge of the DSMB; B. Composition of the DSMB; C. Pre-launch Activities; and D. Post-launch Activities. We recommend stronger and additional focus on data integrity. Conclusions: Clinical trials can benefit from incorporating real-world data sources, potentially increasing the generalizability of findings and overall trial scale and efficiency. The data, however, present a level of informatic complexity that relies heavily on a robust data science infrastructure. The nature of monitoring the data and safety must evolve to adapt to new trial scenarios to protect the rigor of clinical trials.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numbere179
JournalJournal of Clinical and Translational Science
Issue number1
StatePublished - Aug 2 2023


  • Clinical trials
  • DSMB
  • RWD
  • data and safety monitoring board
  • data integrity
  • data quality
  • decentralized
  • digital
  • pragmatic
  • real world data
  • real-world data
  • real-world evidence

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