Testing a conceptual model of the image of nursing in Taiwan

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Aim: It was believed that after identifying the differences and similarities in the perception of nurses and the public of the image of nursing, it would be important to link these perceptions to nursing care quality for practical and future implications for professionalism and the process of nursing service delivery. As a result, this cross-sectional, quantitative study tested a conceptual model of the image of nursing in Taiwan. This research investigated the perceived images and expected images of Taiwanese nurses in a sample of nurses and non-nurse subjects. The targeted dependent variable was the participants' general perception toward the image of Taiwanese nurses. Methods: This project was conducted at a private university located in southern Taiwan, between November 2004 and January 2005. The final sample included 488 participants of undergraduate students, graduate students, university staff, or faculty members, for a general response rate of 87.6%. The study questionnaire was developed based upon previous studies. Descriptive and ordinal logistic regression analyses were performed. Results: Based on the results of the four developed ordinal logistic regression models: (1) being male, (2) having positive perceptions toward the angel of mercy and (3) the careerist aspects of nursing image, (4) having negative perceptions toward the bureaucratic aspect of the nursing image, (5) having less of a difference between the participants' perceptions and their expectations toward the romantic aspect of the nursing image, and (6) being more satisfied with the professional services provided by Taiwanese nurses, explained the strength of the levels of general perception toward the image of Taiwanese nurses. Discussion: To minimizing the gap between patients' expectation and perception levels of nursing services, nursing leaders should continue to monitor patients' and potential future customers' perceptions toward the image of nurses in Taiwan and work to improve that image, e.g., through on-job training to strengthen nurses' analytical skills.

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JournalInternational Journal of Nursing Studies
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