Requirement of yeast SGS1 and SRS2 genes for replication and transcription

Sung Keun Lee, Robert E. Johnson, Sung Lim Yu, Louise Prakash, Satya Prakash

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The SGS1 gene of the yeast Saccharormyces cerevisiae encodes a DNA helicase with homology to the human Bloom's syndrome gene BLM and the Werner's syndrome gene WRN. The SRS2 gene of yeast also encodes a DNA helicase. Simultaneous deletion of SGS1 and SRS2 is lethal in yeast. Here, using a conditional mutation of SGS1, it is shown that DNA replication and RNA polymerase 1 transcription are drastically inhibited in the srs2Δ sgs1- ts strain at the restrictive temperature. Thus, SGS1 and SRS2 function in DNA replication and RNA polymerase 1 transcription. These functions may contribute to the various defects observed in Werner's and Bloom's syndromes.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2339-2342
Number of pages4
Issue number5448
StatePublished - Dec 17 1999
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