Protective Effect of Acidic Mannan Fraction of Bakers’ Yeast on Experimental Candidiasis in Mice

Yoshio Okawa, Ko Suzuki, Makiko Kobayashi, Masako Asagi, Kazuhiko Sakai, Masuko Suzuki, Shigeo Suzuki

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An acidic fraction of bakers’ yeast mannan, WAM025, showed a significant protective effect against Candida albicans infection in mice, but a neutral fraction of the same bakers’ yeast mannan, WNM, did not exhibit this effect. Moreover, pretreatment with WAM025 resulted in a marked reduction of proliferation of C. albicans cells in the organs of the infected mice. We investigated the stimulative effect of these mannan fractions on the function of mouse peritoneal phagocytes, and found that mice administered WAM025 showed a greater increase in the number of peritoneal exudate cells, macrophages and polymorphonuclear leucocytes (PMN), than the mice treated with WNM, especially in the proportion of PMN. Peritoneal phagocytes, PMN and macrophages obtained from WAM025-treated mice showed marked candidacidal activity. Of the phagocytes, PMN were responsible for the larger part of the candidacidal activity. The myeloperoxidase activities of PMN and macrophages in WAM025-treated PEC were greater than in untreated macrophages. The myeloperoxidase activity of WAM025-treated PMN was significantly greater than that of WAM025-treated macrophages. This activity paralleled the active oxygen-releasing activity of the phagocytes. On the other hand, the phagocytic activity of phagocytes from mice administered WNM or WAM025 for C. albicans cells was identical to that of untreated phagocytes. WAM025 seems to cause enhance elimination of the pathogen from mice, by increasing the number and candidacidal activity of phagocytic cells.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)957-967
Number of pages11
Issue number10
StatePublished - 1986
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