Kelly G. Elterman, Suzanne Klainer

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Current obesity classifications are as follows: overweight (BMI 25.00-29.99 kg/m2); class I obesity (BMI 30.00-34.99 kg/m2); class II obesity (BMI 35.00-39.99 kg/m2); class III obesity (BMI ≥40.00 kg/m2). Perioperative risk, as well as mortality, increases with increasing BMI. The obese patient presents unique challenges throughout the perioperative period due to changes in several organ systems.

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Title of host publicationEssential Clinical Anesthesia Review
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2015
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  • Causes of rapid desaturation: Obesity
  • Hypoxemia in morbid obesity: Cause
  • Morbid obesity: Airway evaluation
  • Morbid obesity: Hypoxemia physiology
  • Morbid obesity: Pfts
  • Morbid obesity: Pharmacokinetic considerations
  • Morbid obesity: Pulmonary function
  • Morbid obesity: Rapid desaturation
  • Obesity: Risk of aspiration

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