Multivariate analysis of donor risk factors for pancreas allograft failure after simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation

Viken Douzdjian, Kristene G. Gugliuzza, Jay C. Fish

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Background Donor and recipient selection criteria for pancreas allograft are not standardized and may vary from center to center. Methods Simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantations performed between April 1988 and June 1994 were reviewed (n=61), and univariate and multivariate analyses of factors that affect pancreas graft survival were performed. Analysis of all cases and cases excluding early thrombosis were performed separately. Results Pancreas graft survival when early thrombosis was excluded and in the overall group was 76% and 70%, respectively, at 1 year. Although blood group and donor gender were weak predictors of graft survival by univariate analysis, neither affected graft survival in the multivariate model. Risk factors for graft failure as determined by Cox regression analysis and in descending order of significance were (1) duration of brain death before procurement, (2) length of donor admission, and (3) donor age of 40 years or older. The risk of graft failure for each of these factors was increased 2.2-, 3.2-, and 4-fold, respectively. Prolonged brain death was the only risk factor in the overall group, suggesting an association with early thrombosis. iConclusions Center-specific donor risk factors for pancreas graft survival after simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation were identified in this study, the importance of which need to be better defined.

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StatePublished - Jul 1995
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