Licensed Vaccines for Humans

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This chapter provides an overview of different immunization strategies and the types of vaccines licensed for use in humans. The two major categories of vaccines are live attenuated (or weakened) and inactivated (or killed). Over the past 40 years a number of subunit vaccines with improved safety and immunogenicity have been developed and licensed for use in humans. These include polysaccharide, conjugate (also called glycoconjugate), and recombinant protein vaccines. In addition, recombinant DNA technology has been used to develop both live chimeric vaccine viruses and live vaccines where the seed viruses are synthesized in vitro. It should be emphasized that in most cases specific vaccines are licensed only in particular countries and that the information in this chapter should be considered to be generic and not correct for all countries. International and country-specific information can be found in the Further Reading section of this chapter.

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StatePublished - Dec 9 2014


  • Chimeric viruses
  • Conjugate
  • Glycoconjugate
  • Inactivated (or killed)
  • Live attenuated (or weakened)
  • Polysaccharide
  • Recombinant protein
  • Subunit vaccines

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