Identification of protective B-cell epitopes of Atroxlysin-I: A metalloproteinase from Bothrops atrox snake venom

F. S. Schneider, S. de Almeida Lima, G. Reis de Ávila, K. L. Castro, C. Guerra-Duarte, E. F. Sanchez, C. Nguyen, C. Granier, F. Molina, C. Chávez-Olortegui

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Atroxlysin-I (Atr-I) is a hemorrhagic snake venom metalloproteinase (SVMP) from Bothrops atrox venom, the snake responsible for the majority of bites in the north region of South America. SVMPs like Atr-I produce toxic effects in victims including hemorrhage, inflammation, necrosis and blood coagulation deficiency. Mapping of B-cell epitopes in SVMPs might result in the identification of non-toxic molecules capable of inducing neutralizing antibodies and improving the anti-venom therapy. Here, using the SPOT-synthesis technique we identified two epitopes located in the N-ter region of Atr-I (AtrEp1-22YNGNSDKIRRRIHQM36; and AtrEp2-55GVEIWSNKDLINVQ68). Based on the sequence of AtrEp1 and AtrEp2 a third peptide named Atr-I biepitope (AtrBiEp) was designed and synthesized (23NGNSDKIRRRIH34GG55GVEIWSNKDLINVQ68). AtrBiEp was used to immunize BALB/c mice. Anti-AtrBiEp serum cross-reacted against Atr-I in western blot and was able to fully neutralize the hemorrhagic activity of Atr-I. Our results provide a rational basis for the identification of neutralizing epitopes on Atr-I snake venom toxin and show that the use of synthetic peptides could improve the generation of immuno-therapeutics.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1680-1687
Number of pages8
Issue number14
StatePublished - Mar 29 2016
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  • Hemorrhage
  • Linear B-cell epitope mapping
  • Peptide synthesis
  • Snake venom metalloproteinases

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  • General Immunology and Microbiology
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