Gamification: Development, challenges, and implications for undergraduate nursing education

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Background: The traditional baccalaureate nursing program has integrated active learning strategies with varied success into the curriculum. Gamification has been shown to improve clinical judgment skills in nursing students. Method: The course faculty collaborated with instructional designers to develop a gamified renal module to reinforce content and promote clinical judgment for nursing students. The course faculty provided the content and gaming elements for the module, while the instructional designers developed the virtual world and storyline. Result: The gamified module will be implemented and evaluated using the Gameful Experience Scale (GAMEX) tool. The faculty will utilize the feedback provided by the students to revise the current module and possibly develop additional gamified modules. Conclusion: The gamified module will provide students with an additional interactive method of learning. This method can help to identify best practices and improve knowledge retention and clinical judgment.

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JournalTeaching and Learning in Nursing
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StatePublished - Jul 2023

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