Filoviruses: Marburg and ebola

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Since the emergence of Marburg virus in 1967 and Ebola viruses in 1976 the history of the disease, outbreaks and the viruses has been hindered by the episodic nature of their appearance and the restrictions of working with these high hazard pathogens. More recent outbreaks have facilitated more in depth study of the epidemiology of the viruses and have allowed a better understanding of the nature of transmission of the virus. Similarly more recent intensive laboratory study of the viruses and the disease they cause in laboratory animals has revealed much of the molecular basis of their high pathogenicity as well as the development of vaccines and other medical countermeasures. The reservoir host for Marburg virus has now been revealed and efforts continue to determine the zoonotic source for Ebola viruses. Tables and Maps of Marburg and Ebola virus outbreaks are presented.

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