Dengue virus surveillance: Detection of DENV-4 in the city of São José do Rio Preto, SP, Brazil

Tatiana Elias Colombo, Danila Vedovello, Carolina Colombelli Pacca-Mazaro, Adriano Mondini, João Pessoa Araújo, Eliana Cabrera, José Carlos Lopes, Izalco Nuremberg Penha dos Santos, Andréia Francesli Negri Reis, Fabiana Rodrigues Costa, Lilian Elisa Arão Antônio Cruz, Jurandir Ferreira, Eliseu Soares de Oliveira Rocha, Erna Geessien Kroon, Roberta Vieira de Morais Bronzoni, Nikos Vasilakis, Maurício Lacerda Nogueira

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Dengue viruses are the most common arbovirus infection worldwide and are caused by four distinct serotypes of the dengue virus (DENV). In the present study, we assessed DENV transmission in São José do Rio Preto (SJRP) from 2010 to 2014. We analyzed blood samples from febrile patients who were attended at health care centers in SJRP. DENV detection was performed using multiplex RT-PCR, using flavivirus generic primers, based on the genes of the non-structural protein (NS5), followed by nested-PCR assay with species-specific primers. We analyzed 1549 samples, of which 1389 were positive for NS1 by rapid test. One thousand and eight-seven samples (78%) were confirmed as positive by multiplex RT-PCR: DENV-4, 48.5% (528/1087); DENV-1, 41.5% (449/1087); DENV-2, 9.5% (104/1087); and co-infection (5 DENV-1/DENV-4, 1 DENV-1/DENV-2), 0.5% (6/1087). Phylogenetic analysis of the DENV-4 grouped the isolates identified in this study with the American genotype and the showed a relationship between isolates from SJRP and isolates from the northern region of South America. Taken together, our data shows the detection and emergence of new dengue genotype in a new region and reiterate the importance of surveillance programs to detect and trace the evolution of DENV.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)84-89
Number of pages6
JournalActa Tropica
StatePublished - Dec 1 2016


  • Dengue virus
  • Phylogenetic analysis
  • Surveillance programs
  • Transmission

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