Cytokine localization in multiple sclerosis lesions: Correlation with adhesion molecule expression and reactive nitrogen species

Celia F. Brosnan, Barbara Cannella, Luca Battistini, Cedric S. Raine, T. R. Mosmann, R. L. Coffman, C. S. Raine, K. Selmaj, E. N. Benveniste, B. Cannella, C. S. Raine, C. F. Brosnan, L. Battistini, C. S. Raine, F. M. Hofman, R. I. Van Hanwehr, C. A. Dinarello, M. N. Woodroofe, A. S. Bellamy, M. FeldmanK. Selmaj, C. S. Raine, B. Cannella, C. F. Brosnan, M. N. Woodroofe, M. L. Cuzner, F. M. Hofman, D. R. Hinton, K. Johnson, J. E. Merrill, J. S. Pober, J. A. Martiney, M. Litwak, J. W. Berman, C. A. Jacobs, P. E. Baker, E. R. Roux, S. C. Lee, W. Liu, D. W. Dickson, S. C. Lee, D. W. Dickson, W. Liu, C. F. Brosnan, A. A. Hurwitz, W. D. Lyman, M. P. Guida, C. F. Brosnan, M. Litwak, C. E. Schroeder, N. H. Ruddle, C. M. Bergman, M. L. McGrath, K. Selmaj, C. S. Raine, A. H. Cross, D. M. Barten, N. H. Ruddle, U. Traugott, P. Lebon, E. N. Benveniste, J. E. Merill, R. D. Simmons, D. O. Willenborg, M. K. Racke, A. Bonomo, D. E. Scott, W. E. Paul, R. A. Seder, T. R. Mosmann, K. W. Moore, R. De Waal Malefyt, J. Abrams, B. Bennett, D. F. Fiorentino, A. Zlotnik, T. R. Mosmann, I. P. Oswald, T. A. Wynn, A. Sher, S. L. James, M. K. Kennedy, D. S. Torrance, K. S. Picha, K. M. Mohler, Y. Chen, V. K. Kuchroo, J. I. Inobe, C. Bogdan, J. Paik, Y. Vodovotz, C. Nathan, C. M. Dubois, F. W. Ruscetti, E. W. Palaszynski, J. R. Gamble, M. A. Vadas, M. K. Racke, S. Dhib-Jalbut, B. Cannella, L. D. Johns, K. C. Flanders, G. E. Ranhes, S. Sriram, A. P. Kuruvilla, R. Shah, G. M. Hochwald, A. C.H.M. Dinther-Janssen, R. Horst, G. Koopman, Y. M. Zheng, E. Schafer, J. D. Macmicking, D. O. Willenborg, M. J. Weidemann, R. F. Lin, T. S. Lin, R. G. Tilton, A. H. Cross, A. H. Cross, T. P. Misko, R. F. Lin, S. Murphy, M. L. Simmons, L. Agullo, M. Zembala, M. Siedlar, J. Marcinkiewicz, J. Pryjma, C. S. Raine, B. Cannella, T. Tada, S. Ohzeki, K. Utsumi

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The relative levels and cellular distribution of proinflammatory and regulatory cytokines have been examined by immunohistochemistry in multiple sclerosis (MS) lesions of differing activity and compared with CNS tissue from other neurologic diseases with an inflammatory or noninflammatory component.Results show widespread distribution of cytokines in association with both perivascular inflammatory cells and glial cells in all types of inflammatory lesions. Although no obvious pattern of proinflammatory versus regulatory cytokines could be determined in MS lesions, proinflammatory cytokines were rarely noted in normal and noninflammatory conditions, whereas regulatory cytokines were readily detectable in the same diseases. The possible relevance of these cytokine patterns to adhesion molecule expression and the presence of reactive nitrogen species is also addressed.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)S16-S21
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 1 1995
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