Task Order A06

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CON19105-A Task Order A04 - Estes/Endsley - Subm 5/18/10 NOT FUNDED CON19105-B Task Order A01 - Bourne/Milligan/Pyles/Motamedi Subm 5/25/10 NOT FUNDED CON19105-C Task Order A06 - Bouyer/Valbuena/Olano/Walker Sub 5/27/10 - AWARDED CON19105-D Task Order A13 - Suzuki/Kobayashi Subm 6/14/10 NOT FUNDED CON19105-E Task Order A07 - Pyles/Tilton/Motamedi/Torres/Niesel/Denner Sub 6/24/10 - AWARDED CON19105-F Task Order A09 - Garofalo/Casola/Fulhorst/Eysaguirre Sub 6/25/10 NOT FUNDED CON19105-G Task Order A17 - Chopra/Niesel/Whitlock/Suzuki/Kobayashi/Peterson Sub 7/5/10 NOT FUNDED CON19105-H Task Order A14 - Tseng/Peters/Tehsheng/Makino/Aronson/Milligan Sub 7/21/10 NOT FUNDED CON19105-I Task Order A12 - Estes/Endsley/Aronson Sub 7/21/10 NOT FUNDED CON19105-J Task Order A15 - Paessler/Nichols Sub 8/10/10 NOT FUNDED CON19105-K Task Order A21 - Paessler/Bourne Sub 10/28/10 NOT FUNDED CON19105-L Task Order A25 - Chopra/Peterson/Eaves-Pyles/Ben Nasr Sub 6/29/11 CON19105-M Task Order A20 - Geisbert/Fritz/Rocks Sub 7/18/11 AWARDED CON19105-N Task Order A29 - Peterson/Chopra Sub 7/19/11 NOT FUNDED CON19105-O Task Order A31 - Chopra/Peterson/Motin Sub 8/3/11 - NOT FUNDED CON19105-P Task Order A42 - Paessler Sub 2/15/12 CON19105-Q Task Order A48 - Frieberg Sub 6/24/13
Effective start/end date9/13/109/12/14


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