COOK TB: Cavity and Granuloma Oriented Inflammation and Tissue PharmacOkinetics in Pulmonary Tuberculosis (COOK TB)

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Dr. Brendan Prideaux will serve as a Multiple Principal Investigator (MPI) for this R01 proposal and will lead all research efforts at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. Dr. Prideaux and his post-doctoral student will lead the laboratory portion of this proposal including the receipt and processing of all lung tissue samples from the National Center for Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases in Tbilisi, Georgia. Dr. Prideaux will cryosection the lung tissues and use the sections to perform MALDI mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) for detection of metabolites, lipids and drugs. Dr. Prideaux will perform antibody staining of tissue sections for immunohistochemistry analysis. He will perform laser capture microdissection to isolate targeted granuloma regions, and samples will be sent to Emory for metabolomics and lipidomics analyses and to the University of Florida to carry out drug concentration assays. Dr. Prideaux will also lead and oversee the transfer of tissue sections onto gene expression slide kits which will be sent to Emory for gene sequencing. Dr. Prideaux will work closely with Dr. Heidi Spratt to carry out the data analysis related to specific aim 3 which focuses on the localization and penetration of anti-tuberculosis drugs into lung tissue. As a MPI, Dr. Prideaux will work closely with Dr. Kempker (Emory MPI, contact PI) to provide overall study leadership and guidance. Additionally, Dr. Prideaux and the UTMB team will participate in regular team callsand collaborate on the interpretation of data, and in writing reports and manuscripts.
Effective start/end date2/9/231/31/25


  • Emory University: $286,317.00


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