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    The UT System implemented the UT Research Cyberinfrastructure (UTRC) initiative in order to provide new capabilities that advance current and future research efforts across all UT institutions. By providing a combination of advanced computational systems, a large data storage opportunity, and high bandwidth data access between the institutions, UTRC enables researchers within all 15 UT System institutions to collaborate with each other and compete at the forefront of science and discovery. UTRC incorporates integrated operations (central and distributed, connected at high bandwidth) and works with researchers to develop applications, manage and analyze data, and integrate with the decentralized resources. Through the UTRC Project, the UT System has worked to facilitate, stimulate, and support leadership in computational science research across Texas, as well as, attract additional funding and the best faculty and students to UT institutions.

    There are three components to UTRC:
    1. Advanced Computing offered through Lonestar, located at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)
    2. High Bandwidth Network Connectivity offered through UTSysNet at 10 Gpbs among all institutions
    3. Large Data Storage offered through the UT Data Repository (UTDR)

    Whether one needs advanced computing, high bandwidth connectivity, large data storage, or any combination of these components, UTRC promotes and facilitates the use of resources by faculty and research teams to expand the scope of research, enable collaborations across institutions, and increase competitiveness for funding.

    Contact: Preston Broadfoot, UT System


    NameUT Research Cyberinfrastructure (UTRC)
    Acquisition date8/31/14


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