Mass Spectrometry Core

  • John E Wiktorowicz (Manager)

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    2.234 BSB 301 University Blvd. Galveston 77555

    United States

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The Mass Spectrometry Core is dedicated to providing a wide range of mass spectral analyses to UTMB investigators. As an integral component of the BRF Proteomics Section, it is a vital proteomics resource for the UTMB community, providing high quality data in a timely manner and engaging investigators in the interpretation of the results.

A wide range of analyses are available including MALDI-TOF/TOF (AB Sciex 5800), ESI (electrospray)-LC/MS/MS (ThermoFisher OrbiTrap Fusion), triple quadropole LC-MS/MS (AB Sciex 6500), and the Triple TOF with SWATH (AB Sciex 5600+).


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